Journée de rentrée 2015 à Toulouse


Journée de rentrée du groupe au LAAS à Toulouse
Jeudi, 10 Septembre, 2015

Cette journée aura lieu au LAAS, Salle Hourgade, à Toulouse.

Organizers: Urtzi AYESTA, Balakrishna J. Prabhu
Attendance is free but please register by email for logistics

Pour se rendre au LAAS voir ici.

Program (pdf avaiable here)

09h30-09h45 Welcome and opening remarks

 Session 1 : Bandits and optimization

  • 09h45-10h30 Bruno TUFFIN, Revenue-Maximizing Rankings for Online Platforms
  • with Quality-Sensitive Consumers.
  • 10h30-11h15 Maaike VERLOOP, Asymptotic optimal control of multi-class restless bandits.
  • 11h15-12h00 Ana BUSIC, Approximate optimality with bounded regret in dynamic matching models.

12h00-13h30 Lunch

Session 2 : Game Theory

  • 13h30-14h15 Yezekael HAYEL, Information Disclosure Policies in Strategic Queueing Games
  • 14h15-15h00 Josu DONCEL, A Mean Field Game with Interactions for Epidemic Models

15h00-15h15 Coffee Break

Session 3 : Performance of online services

  • 15h15-16h00 Farah AIT SALAHT, Stochastic bounds on performance measures for threshold-based queueing system with hysteresis: Application to cloud computing.
  • 16h00-16h45 Lorenzo MAGGI, Optimization techniques for analyzing and improving current cache networks.

16h45-17h30 Discussions on the «Groupe de travail COS» and the next meeting.